Wayland High School Concert Fundraiser

The Wayland High School Kids to Kids Club took on the task of organizing a huge, town-wide fundraiser for World Connect in the Spring of 2011. We initially came up with the idea to have a concert featuring several local bands including Wayland’s three a capella groups, Aer, and the Daddy-O’s. Each of these groups would draw in a different audience and would help bring the town together to support World Connect.

As we continued to plan and brainstorm, we decided to turn our concert idea into a more elaborate outdoor event with food, games, and, of course, music! We spent a great deal of time organizing and planning. We booked the bands, found a sound system, rented a stage, asked for food donations from local restaurants, and planned entertaining activities and games.

Our event turned out even better than we had imagined! Families came to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon together, listen to music, play games, and socialize. We sold pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and refreshments before and during the concert. We also had frisbees, soccer balls, face painting, and more for kids to enjoy! Many people made donations to World Connect to show their support.

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