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About Us

World Connect invests directly in the ideas of local leaders in the Global South who are best positioned to drive self-sustaining development in their communities. Our support leads to improvements in health, education, economic opportunity, and the environment, impacting women and girls in particular, and builds social capital, grows leadership, and sustainably shifts power.

Why We Do It


The persistence of poverty and inequity worldwide can be overcome when those living the challenges are empowered to lead their own development forward. World Connect disrupts historic models of top-down, foreign-led aid, by investing directly in the ideas and leadership of communities, which validates, strengthens, and sustains local capacity. World Connect is designed to disappear; if we succeed, we don’t need to be around forever.

How we dot it

What We Believe

Global peace, security, and stability is advanced by addressing poverty. We see development as soft diplomacy as well as a moral imperative.

Locally-led development produces better results, at much lower cost, than traditional top-down development approaches.

Capacity exists in every community; it doesn't always need to be built, but, rather, identified, cultivated, and supported with direct investment.

Empowering women to lift their communities creates essential economic and social benefits.

Grants impart leadership and autonomy more than loans.

A connected world is not built on various one-sided exchanges, but through authentic collaboration that builds trust.

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