Flushing International

Flushing International

Location: Flushing, New York
Type: Public High School
Fun Fact: The students of The Flushing International High School are all recent immigrants and new English learners.

Flushing International's mission is to serve recent immigrants to the United States, the majority of whom are English learners. A team of teachers at Flushing partnered with World Connect to engage their students in global education and connection throughout the 2016-17 school year. The students hosted a panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to share their experiences, voted to connect with a World Connect project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Skyped with project leaders to learn more about their experiences!

"We were so happy to introduce Service Learning to our students and we definitely want to continue next year. Communicating directly with the children was so powerful and moving, and my students and I were really overwhelmed with emotion." – Lead Teacher

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