Leaf over Leave

Year: 2015
Country: Rwanda
Project Investment: $328.31
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

At G.S. Nyakigando school, there is a high drop out rate for girls, many of whom leave school to marry at a young age for economic reasons. As a result, they are often left with minimal skills to support themselves. This project will empower 100 female students at G.S. Nyakigando by providing trainings and workshops for them to learn how to make various crafts, such as baskets, floor mats, bags, chairs, and post cards out of local materials. The aim is to create a school-based, girl-led economic cooperative, so the girls can sell their crafts to generate income. The workshops and financial incentive will encourage girls to stay in school, and older girls can train younger girls each year to keep the cooperative running sustainably.

Project Update

The workshops are going well and the students have learned five different handicrafts. Each student is very self motivated and a few have emerged as leaders, helping the other students during the workshops. Overall, the girls are very interested in making the crafts and have been taking careful notes of how things are done and are not shy to ask questions when they are confused. The teachers have been supporting the students and have offered to help the girls hone their artisan skills on a volunteer basis outside of the workshops. After exams, the students will continue practicing their new skills and will begin to teach the crafts to other girls in G.S. Nyakigando school.


"I like that I can make most of the products at home. Even if I am not part of the cooperative, I can sell the crafts for money to support my family." - Chance, Project Participant

"The shelves were difficult to make, but I liked making the basket bags and post cards a lot!" - Janet, Project Participant 

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