Improving a Health Hut's Capacity to Serve it's Community

Year: 2014
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,780.85

Project Launch: 1-6-15

Temey Lewa is a small village in Northern Senegal and is home to 686 people. The village is mainly an agricultural based society, providing an unstable influx of income. The majority of people in Temey Lewa are uneducated and illiterate. The village has a local health hut which also services the surrounding four villages.


This project will revamp and improve the local health hut. The health hut currently does not have electricity or access to water. This project will install a solar panel to provide a safer environment for nighttime health emergencies, as well as install faucets in the maternity ward, bathrooms and first aid room. A garden will be planted around the side of the health hut with vegetables, aloe vera, and moringa. The garden will be used to teach the community about nutrition and gardening. The health hut’s exterior and interior will be repainted and will feature educational murals. Essential materials, such as mattresses, a blood pressure machine, a baby scale, and new locks will be purchased. With all these improvements, the village's health facility will be better equipped to provide adequate health care for Temey Lewa and the surrounding four villages.


Project Update

The health hut now has running water and electricity for the first time. Faucets and solar panels have been installed, and the health hut has been repainted both inside and out. Baby scales, blood pressure machines, and mattresses have been purchased, and a garden has been started adjacent to the health hut. They will begin painting murals to use as visuals to teach the community about sanitation, malaria, proper nutrition, and AIDS

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