Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,049.13

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Nguo Village X Committee together with Village X Organization will facilitate the construction of a teacher’s office for 28 teachers at Mgumera  Primary School which has an enrolment of 2,120 learners. This will enable students to occupy the classroom block that is currently being used by the teachers. The teacher’s office will consist of a staff room, head teacher’s office, storage space and change room for female teachers and students. Upon completion, the project will assist the teachers conduct meetings and prepare for lessons in a conducive environment.

Project Update: 11-2-21

Led by Alfred Piyo, Nguo Village X Committee, is constructing an administration block at Mgumera Primary School in Mulanje District using a $5,049.13 World Connect grant. The community provided bricks and sand for the project and construction started in September 2021. Midway through the project, they have raised the walls, fixed the ring beam enforcement, and roofed the structure.  The project is on track to be completed by end November 2021. The structure will have a staffroom, deputy headteacher and head teacher’s offices. Currently, teachers are using a classroom as a makeshift administration office and once the structure is completed, it will allow the 0ver 80 students to use the classroom. The structure will also provide comfortable working space for teachers and a secure storage space for teaching and learning materials at the school.