Brasilia Hair Stylists

Year: 2013
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,000.00

Project Launch:

Brasilia is a small, rural community in the north of Costa Rica with roughly 600 people, one elementary school, and one high school. The town has poor infrastructure such as unpaved roads and deteriorating bridges, and lacks proper waste management. The local economy is primarily based on orange production, though there are a few local businesses in the town including two restaurants, three bars, and three convenience stores. A majority of community members have expressed a need to create new sources of income, in particular for women, as there are many single mothers in the community who lack the experience and qualifications necessary for gainful employment or starting a business. The "Brasilia Hair Stylists" project grew out of the entrepreneurial spirit of three women from Brasilia, Meylin, Karina and Marianela, who believe that by owning and operating their own salon they will bring greater economic diversity to the local economy and inspire other women to develop businesses. The project itself is designed to support their startup business costs, of which the three women are putting up more than $2,000 of their own savings, as well to provide small business education and training for fifteen additional, aspiring female entrepreneurs in Brasilia.


Meylin, the leader of the women’s cooperative, was featured in our Putting Faces to the Projects: Outstanding Persons Series.



“I’m very excited to see my mother start her own business. I know she really wants to use the business in order to improve the lives of my sister and I. Our education is very important to my parents.” – Etson, Project Participant
“This project will allow my partners and I to improve the quality of life for our families. I’m looking forward to opening the salon and become a business professional in my town” – Zayra, Project Participant

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