Shore Educational Collaborative

Shore Educational Collaborative

Location: Chelsea, Massachusetts
Type: Special education for those aged 3-22
Fun Fact: Shore has a summer program, during which the World Connect program took place.

Students at Shore Collaborative in Chelsea, MA, a school for students with special education needs, learned about World Connect and voted unanimously to raise funds for an accessibly project Kukës, Albania where young leaders are transforming their city to make it accessible to wheelchairs, strollers, and mobility-assisted devices!

Shore student began making and selling muffins in early July 2017 to raise money for this project while learning business skills! They will continue this effort throughout the 2017 summer. A teacher at Shore recently led a Skype call between World Connect's field partner and her students to teach them about another country and culture and inspire cross-cultural communication.

"My students are seriously so excited about this project and loved walking around school taking orders and making and delivering the muffins. We had way more orders than I thought we would, everyone is being so supportive." – Nicole, Shore Teacher

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