Bay View Academy

Bay View Academy
This is the fifth year that Bay View Academy, an all-girls Catholic school in Rhode Island, is participating in our Kids Connect Program. This year, the students are supporting the Cultural Cafe of Sefrou, a project that trains young moroccan women to create their own cafe, providing employment, income, and a recreational space.


The students have already held a donut sale and a bagel sale, raising over $600. They are currently brainstorming ideas for a creative fundraiser this Spring.

"Mornings for Bay View Girls start early. I personally am up and out of the house by 6:45am. My alarm goes off a little before 6:30 and if I am running late, breakfast gets skipped. As the chapter and I were brain-storming ideas for fundraisers for Kids Connect, we thought that it would be a great idea to sell bagels to the girls as they came into the school in the morning. It would be a great way to raise money and provide breakfast for girls, like me, who sometimes have to skip eating in the morning. Also, it was getting hard to schedule fundraisers to take place during the school day. Bay View’s fundraising calendar fills up quickly. So, we made use of a great contact our school already had at a local bakery. The bakery agreed to provide us freshly made bagels at a discounted price. I made the calls, ordered the bagels and picked them up each morning before school. When I got to school each morning bright and early, the club members were there to help set up tables in the foyer of the school.  We set up in the foyer so we could easily sell the bagels to students as they walked in. We sold the bagels for $1.25 plus 50 cents extra for crème cheese. The girls especially loved the cinnamon sugar bagels! We did so well and for a quick fundraiser, we were really happy with the results. We raised close to two hundred dollars!!! Hopefully, future fundraisers can be as fun and as creative as this one." - Megan, Chapter President

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