Manara Academy

Manara Academy
This is the first year that Manara Academy, an Expeditionary learning school in Texas, is participating in Kids Connect. To complement their semester-long expedition in Social Studies, students will be supporting two projects, Dar Shabab Tarik Ben Ziad English Club and Katote Health Hut Revitalization.


"Hello my name is Malak and I am a 6th grader at Manara Academy in Irving,Texas. I joined this World Connect club because I wanted to dig deeper behind world history. But once I was informed that this club would help people in need, I thought this was amazing. I don't just get to dig deeper in the world; I get to help people in need. This is a wonderful experience to help the people of the world. So far it is just Mr. Lubos and I but he said it does not matter how many people join, it matters if we make a difference and I am glad that we are doing this club.  The project we have chosen was the Katote health hut revitalization project. We picked this project because I wanted health and Mr. Lubos wanted education. This project contains both education and health." - Malak, Student Leader

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