Women of Business

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $510.00

Project Launch: 2-5-16

This project will increase the capacity of a women’s group that currently makes and sells organic products, such as coconut oil, ginger oil, orange oil and a mixture of soaps with a coconut oil base. The women grow the ingredients in a community garden and have been perfecting their recipes over the last few months. This project will provide additional ginger seeds, labels, bottles, and containers, which will allow the women to professionally package their products for sale at a local tourist ranch.

Final Report: 3/23/2017

The project's major success is that the women were able to make and package their products and, finally, sell them to tourists. The women were able to see how quickly their products sold and felt extremely proud that their name and business logo was able to be make a name for itself among travelers.


"Helping lead this project has been an amazing part of my service and has also shaped me into a different woman. I emphasize this part because as a child, I didn't grow up with my mom so many things I wished she would have taught me, I didn't have the experience. The women in the women's group were so patient (and funny) with me in teaching me how to do many things that for them, were obvious qualities a woman should know how to do. For example, like make rice or coffee. Having these bonding experiences in our daily get-togethers helped us build up a rapport over time, which eventually led us to create larger business ideas and take risks as a group. It hasn't been easy for the group, they started off as 30 women of the community and after 4 years, swindled down to seven members; however, those seven members are strong, independent, and passionate women. I feel honored to have gotten to each and every one of them, hear their stories, and I feel 100% confident that their work will continue and grow as a group." -- Aimee, Peace Corps Volunteer

"We are excited to continue learning and developing new skills. We are open to expanding our knowledge to very different things. The project with oils is one of many things that has helped us gain confidence with our group and want to explore new business opportunities. We are currently in the process of studying butterflies and how to market a butterfly museum to tourists, and of course sell our oils. We know we will be together as a group for a long time and we know our skills can be used in many different situations. We are happy to pass down those ideas and skills to our children or younger siblings." -- Liliana, Project Leader


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