Up-scaling Chisomo beefarming club for income generation in Nkhata Bay

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $8,288.02

Project Launch: 11-21-23

Extra Mile Development Foundation  will work with the Chisomo beekeeping club in Nkhata Bay to up-scale its existing honey production business. The project will build a permanent honey processing unit to create a safe and hygienic space for extracting honey, bottling and packaging to all members as well as train 30 members of the club in honey harvesting, extraction and packaging skills. Additionally, the project  will provide additional bee hives and materials used in honey harvesting to processing and packaging.

Project Update: 12-19-23

In the village of Nkondezi, located in Nkhata Bay, a community driven beekeeping project spearheaded by the Chisomo Beekeeping Club is gaining momentum. The initiative, aimed at alleviating poverty through beekeeping, commenced with a $8,288.02 co-investment. Within just one month of investment, the project has achieved significant milestones, including the construction of a beekeeping house to the ring beam level, procured honey processing equipment and Personal Protective Equipment, including beekeeping suits, gloves, and boots, ensuring the safety of those involved in beekeeping activities.  To be fully completed, the project remains with final touches of the beekeeping house,  needs to acquire additional beehives, and conduct comprehensive training sessions on honey harvesting, extraction, and packaging skills. The project will increase production and profits from bee farming, empowering the 30 club members through the generated income. This, in turn, will enable them to address basic needs and mitigate food insecurity within their communities.

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