Sew not Retired - Improving Senior's Health and Continuing Care

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,394.81

Project Launch:

Ortega is a rural community of roughly 700 people in Costa Rica. In 2014, the community’s doctor and health committee created a senior citizen program to provide education and recreation opportunities for the idle senior population. Every Friday, community members engage in health workshops, arts and crafts activities, and aerobics classes. This project will provide important renovations to the senior center space, allowing it to accommodate more members, expand hours of operation, and offer additional health and income-generating artisan workshops.

Project Update

To date, windows have been purchased and installed at the Senior Center. With proper ventilation, the space is a much more comfortable place to congregate and the elderly have been gathering for multiple birthday parties and social functions.


"I've never seen them so happy before!" - Lidia, Project Leader

"I enjoy coming here and spending time with the other ladies." - Haydee, Project Participant 

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