Resource Centre Stock-Up

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,513.51

Project Launch: 8-8-19

Ladder to Learning (L2L), a community-based organization in Biwi, Malawi, will renovate and provide a Reading and Resource Centre with a variety of learning aids such as text books, story books, dictionaries, stationery, and art materials at Biwi Primary School. The space will also include computers and tablets for the students to engage with. The revamped Centre will give 1,241 students access to a conducive environment to improve literacy skills and explore various learning materials. The project is expected to improve students' knowledge base and academic performance. 

Project Update: 1-23-20

As part of its community contribution, the community has provided one classroom to be revamped and used as a resource center. Ladder to Learning has enhanced the security of the new Reading and Resource Center (RRC) room by installing more burglar bars on the windows to prevent theft of books and computers. In addition, it has also partitioned the room to include storage and office space for better management of the center. Through the project, bookshelves have been installed around the room and 30 chairs have been purchased to be used by students when studying. 

Final Report: 6-26-20

Ladder to Learning in partnership with Biwi Primary School Management committee have completed the creation of a reading space popularly known as a resource center at Biwi Primary school. With a seating capacity of 40 learners at a time, the space is projected to benefit 1,264 learners from the school. Additionally, the center is also benefiting the surrounding community members who are hiring it out for different activities including post secondary education classes over the weekends. Through the project, study tables, chairs, educational tablets, a laptop computer, projector, printer and shelves have all been procured and fixed. Ladder to Learning also completed electrical installation and painted the space. The community has contributed over 500 books to the project, expanding the childrens' access to reading materials. The school expects the resource center to improve students' literacy, improving academic performance and national examination test scores. 

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