Year: 2021
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,576.00

Project Launch: 12-21-21

This project will support 28 families (147 people in total) in Akanyinya village of Mbazi Sector in Huye district, southern province of Rwanda who have formed Ikizere (Hope) self-help group to improve their food security, nutrition, and incomes through raising goats to support their crop farming. Each family will recieve a female goat and agricultural tools to support them in crop farming coupled with training on fighting malnutrition and child stunting. Goats will provide manure from their droppings which families will use to make compost manure that will be applied to their gardens to improve soil fertility, increase crop production to improve household food security and nutrition. When goats have reproduced, the first female offspring will be passed-on to another needy family in the community thereby enrolling another 28 families to benefit from the project. Families will also increase their incomes from sale of goats once they reproduce and multiply.


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