Project Frau - School Garden

Year: 2013
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $149.00

Project Launch:

Local leaders in the village of La Vigia, in Mansion, Costa Rica are planning a school-based gardening project that will involve not only students but the whole community. With funds, the community will build a garden on campus that will become the focus of a natural science class for environmental education. The produce from this garden will be used in the school cafeteria for the students and will be a source of local and healthy food for the students. The curriculum for the class will focus on topics such as youth empowerment and capacity building, while also being able to teach parents and students about the issues relating to environment, sustainability and capacity training in a fun and creative way.

The primary goal is to include the community in producing healthy and sustainable food source for the school and students, as well as educating teachers, students and parents about the environment and in how to plant successful gardens, It will also give students life skills learned from working in a collective space together. The community currently does not have active education on this topic, so this project is seen as a gateway to bringing in different types of education for both students and teachers. Parents will be involved in building the garden, and the local Association of Development has pledged to also be involved in the project. This project involves the community for success at the school. It is a self-sustaining project that will in the long run create a stable food source for the school.


Project Update

The project was expanded into another school, so now two schools in the community have a school garden. A committee, consisting of teachers, parents and students, was established to oversee the implementation of the project. Both schools have created organic compost and fertilizer and will be selling them for a profit. The income generated will be reinvested back into the school garden to buy materials for the next harvest. The project received a lot of community support; community members donated materials such as wood to build a fence, ash for compost, and tools to construct the garden. Now that the school garden is complete, both committees are encouraging community members to start their own home gardens.



“The energy of the committee of Parents has been something that is really driving the teachers and students. Without them I don’t know where the project would be at this time!” – Ursula, Peace Corps Volunteer 

“It’s really interesting how things are coming together. You can tell it has been done with Love.” Manual, Project Participant

"I think the garden is good for the school. It's so much pretty here and we have a bunch of good food getting started to grow for the lunchroom." - Rodrigo, Project Participant 

"I have seen the kids become more united and interested in the school. There has been a change in the mothers. They don't just come  to look at the garden but they also get dirty and help move dirt or water plants." - Maria, Project Leader