Mburamazi Public Latrine for Improving Sanitation

Year: 2018
Country: Rwanda
Project Investment: $6,240.94
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 11-28-18

The goal of this project is to create a cleaner, safer, and more sanitary central downtown business center in the rural village of Mburamazi in the Western Province of Rwanda. Currently, there are no public toilets or designated areas for trash in the busy town center. This has created hardships for the people who work and shop in the village because they do not have access to bathrooms or a place to deposit trash and this can facilitate the spread of disease and illness. To address these problems, the cooperative DUSHAKUBUKUNGU has proposed a plan to build two latrine structures housing a total of eight pit toilets and a landfill area for compost and trash.  This project intends to construct one modern public toileting facility (with six rooms) linked with a short cemented road (50 meters) from the market, a simple cemented public toilet facility (with two rooms) and a compost area (with four pillars, a roof and two areas for recyclable and non recyclable products). One latrine area will have a tank for water and the other area will have a gutter system that catches and recycles rain from the roof of the structure. Lastly, the compost from the trash area will be used by the cooperative to fertilize the crops they sell in the market.

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