Machapa Reforestation Project

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $2,960.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Environment

Project Launch: 12-27-18

Machapa is located in Dedza East, a low lying area along the shores of Lake Malawi in Central Malawi. Due to climate change, it is very difficult for locals to have access to forestry resources such as firewood and timber. Due to soil degradation in the area, agricultural productivity has been affected such that farmers are producing low yields. 

Machapa has groups that are working on a reforestation project that is aimed at raising over 480,000 seedlings that are to be distributed around the community and sold to areas outside the community for income generation and ecological sustainability. The groups intend to plant different species of trees including fruit trees and nitrogen fixers. The project will ease the burden of acquiring wood especially for women and children who walk long distances of not less than 5 kilometers in search of resources. The project will help reduce the distance the locals travel, provide food, combat climate change and provide economic opportunity for the project participants. 

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