Koni Library

Year: 2017
Country: Comoros
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $551.77

Project Launch: 1-31-18

This project is designed to convert an empty room into a functioning library. The community of Koni is made up of two villages in the mountains. Koni Djodjo is bigger, about 8,000 people, while Koni Gani is about a mile farther down the mountain and has about 4,000 people. Both villages are very isolated with few reasons for outsiders to visit. The community is very passionate about literacy and reading and believes it is at a huge disadvantage because there are basically no books in the local language, Shindzuwani. Local teachers and education leaders in Koni want to grow and foster a culture of reading in the local language and English, and they have been working on translating some books into the local language so that there will be resources for children to read in a language they already know. This library will make Koni a better place by giving the teachers a chance to better teach literacy and reading skills, with hopes on supporting their students to be more educated, literate, and aware of the world around them.

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