JumpStart San Marcos

Year: 2013
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,091.27

Project Launch:

Given the importance of the tourism industry in Costa Rica, English language skills are valuable tools in helping Costa Ricans obtain optimal employment. In addition, enhanced English language skills taught to high school students in Costa Rica improves high school graduation rates and pursuit of higher education. This project will provide 20 students from the rural village of San Marcos with the opportunity to participate in a month-long English language immersion camp using the proven JumpStart curriculum.

San Marcos is a small community in the mountainous region of Los Santos about sixty kilometers south of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. The region is indelibly marked by the coffee industry. During coffee season, entire families, from 60-year-old men to 10-year-old girls pick coffee six days a week for three months. The summer vacation in San Marcos is built around this season so young people don't have to miss school in order to help support their families. When they're not picking coffee, they are typically idle, or pass the time watching television. In addition to the impact of the project ultimately helping increase economic and educational opportunity for students, it also offers them an alternative constructive activity for their summer break.

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