Infrastructure for shared-use sustainable trail network in Isla de Chira, Costa Rica

Year: 2016
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $600.00

Project Launch:

Isla de Chira, Costa Rica is home to lush, beautiful tropical rainforests, some of the most intact in all of Costa Rica. A system of makeshift footpaths and dirt trails provides passage through stunning greenery and gorgeous vistas throughout the area. Popularizing the location for tourists, however, has been an area of work. This project seeks to establish a formal system of well-maintained trails, promoting the sustainable engagement of the area's natural resources by visitors and residents alike while also allowing local businesses to take advantage of the added influx of ecotourists.

Project Update: 5-8-17

Over the past three and a half months, the community has constructed four trails to form the Isla de Chira Trail Network. In addition, participants have begun working on the marketing and promotion of the trails to increase vistorship. There is now a Facebook page and a brochure.

Final Report: 3-7-18

Four new trails have been forged on Isla de Chira, allowing visitors to enjoy the lush environment present on the island. These new paths have been promoted as one component of the region's re-energized tourism campaign as well as tools to promote environmental stewardship of the island's unique ecology.