Fanaye Chicken Coop

Year: 2017
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $1,990.52

Project Launch: 1-5-18

One of Fanaye's biggest problems is a lack of locally sourced products. Aside from vegetables and rice grown on Fanaye's fields and a few locally made handicrafts, nearly everything in Fanaye is purchased in neighboring cities and thus sold at an increased price. This includes fully grown chickens raised for consumption, which are entirely feasible to raise in Fanaye. Currently almost all chickens sold in Fanaye are bought in Richard Toll, a town about 60 kilometers to the west. But Abdoulaye Ba and his newly formed chicken raising organization want to bring that business to Fanaye. The group plans to construct a chicken coop to raise up to 200 chickens at any given time. The 25 group members will each share the tasks required to raise and sell the chickens over each 45 day raising cycle. They will also participate in trainings on business management, marketing, financial management, and record keeping. Once the group has saved enough of it's profits, it plans to expand the business by building an additional room on its coop to start producing and selling eggs.

Project Update: 6-18-18

The chicken coop has been completed. The participants have completed entrepreneurship courses in goal-setting, financial planning, accounting, record keeping, and marketing. 50 chickens have been purchased and they are halfway through their growth cycle. In addition, the participants have begun to keep track of finances related to the project.