El Oranje Community Garden

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $270.73

Project Launch:

El Orjane is a small town in the Boulemane Province in Morocco. Many young children in the area have shown a significant interest in nature and the environment. This project will implement the building of a community garden to engage these children and educate them about the environment. The project will also deliver workshops to educate students how to take care of their local environment, and organize trash clean-up days in the community.

The goals of this project are to create environmental awareness, cultivate an understanding of the importance of taking care of the environment amongst young people, and create a shared garden space for the community and youth to work together.


Project Update

To celebrate Global Youth Service day, the youth participated in environmental workshops, where they learned about stewardship and volunteerism. They planted trees in front of the youth center and picked up trash around the community.

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