Dar Shabab Tarik Ben Ziad English Club

Year: 2014
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $487.50

Project Launch:

Dar Shabab Tarik Ben Ziad is a community youth center in Sefrou, Morocco that formed an English Club to provide students with opportunities to study the language. The club consists of 20-25 students, half of whom are young women. The English Club has many approaches to studying language, from traditional approaches (studying vocabulary and grammar from textbooks) to unique activities, such as translating and performing traditional Arabic stories, analyzing and performing music, and participating in American sports.


This project will support the English Club by providing materials to enhance the club’s activities. The club will be provided with a projector to use in the classroom to allow the students to watch films, listen to musical performances, and read passages together. A projector will have economic and environmental benefits, as it will reduce the amount of paper the teacher would normally have to print out. The club will also be provided with a guitar and drum to enhance music classes, as well as volleyballs and basketballs for their physical education classes.


Project Update

The English education classes are going really well. Thanks to this project, the club received numerous equipment and resources, which has increased their capacity to attract and educate more youth. For example, the new computer speakers enable lessons to be broadcasted throughout the whole classroom, whereas before, the computer was an ineffective teaching aid. Now, the students are able to watch films, listen to music, and engage in other listening activities. Additionally, the students painted a mural at the youth center, brining an atmosphere of creativity and imagination to the classroom. As part of their interactive curriculum, the youth communicated via video and Skype with Manara Academy students in Texas as part of our Kids Connect program. This opportunity allowed them to practice their English as well as learn more about American culture.



"We love coming to Dar Chabab. We find more freedom in our studies than at school. We can learn and have fun." - Soud, Project Participant


"We have supplies to continue teaching with, and we have teachers with experience to continue teaching and sustaining the project." - Fatima, Project Leader


"Dar Chabab is a place for both old and young students to come, to help them learn, and study, and improve their lives." - Said, Project Participant 

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