Toilet Construction at Thabwani Primary School

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,422.22

Project Launch: 10-22-19

The Thabwani Primary School community currently sees a high spread of disease related to open defecation. In March 2019, Cyclone Idai destroyed all existing toilets. The community constructed temporary toilets for the students' use, however they are now full. With this World Connect grant, the Chuluchosema community will construct one toilet block with eight rooms (four for girls and four for boys) to improve sanitation and prevent the spread of diseases.  A total of 1497 students will benefit from this project. This will improve students' health, thus improving attendance and students' ability to concentrate and learn. 

Project Update: 2-21-20

Led by Siyaphela Makunganya, a YALI Regional Leadership Center Alumni, Thabwani Primary School Management Committee has completed the construction of the toilet with seven doors at Thabwani Primary School.  704 girls have already started using the toilets creating a hygienic and conducive learning space at the school as opposed to defecating in the nearby bush. With these toilets, the girls have also stopped using temporally toilets which were a risk to their lives especially during the rainy season. The completion of the project has attracted Save the Children to invest at the school by constructing two teachers toilets as a complementary effort to the World connect project.

Final Report: 7-31-20

The $1,422.22 project at Thabwani Primary School has constructed one toilet block for girls with seven rooms. This facility will support 704 girls who initially were not able to use hygienic and secure toilets hence lacked privacy and safety. Out of the 7 rooms, one room is to be used as a change room which offers privacy to girls especially when they are menstruating. The project also attracted another similar project from Save the children, where they have constructed a toilet block which will be used by the teachers and boys. The completion and success of this project is also beneficial to surrounding community members who will be able to use the facilities on days that they have activities at the school. The project guarantees good health and sanitation practices at the school with students studying in a hygienic environment.