Community Recycling Center

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch: 2-2-16

Linea Vieja is a small, rural community of 350 people with no formal waste management system. This project will launch a new recycling initiative that will include renovation of a previously neglected recycling shed to include a water pipe to wash materials, as well as a series of educational workshops to teach the community how to properly recycle. Additionally, a student-led committee will be formed to help promote recycling among the student body and organize environmentally focused events at the school.

Progress Update: 3/30/2017

After some setbacks, enthusiasm for recycling has returned to Linea Vieja where a number of smaller secondary projects have managed to bring ecological balance back to the fore in the village at a time of changing government priorities. Today, the village continues to recycle and hopes to eventually find a buyer for its recyclable materials.

Final Report: 4/13/2017

Although the project was not able to realize all of its goals, the community is more knowledgeable about environmental sustainability and has the insight and skills to organize their own campaigns in the future.


"Well, this has taught me that in a community as small as Linea Vieja, it is possible to achieve many projects with the help of youth. The project has in my life is forming a recycling committee with the help of a volunteer from the Peace Corps, Conor Farrell, who came to motivate and incentivize the youth and adults in the community." - Conor, Peace Corps Volunteer

"From my point of view as a teacher in the high school, it has been great to see the youth involved in caring for their community and looking for opportunities to better the environment as a group.  Conor, the PCV, was a big help in providing some guidance and we hoped to see more leadership from the students but thanks to the help from World Connect and Peace Corps, maybe sometime in the future, we hope to continue the project and move on to the next step." - Rafael, Project Leader

"I started on the committee late in 2016 after seeing the committee working around the community.  We were able to make a small impact on the community by cleaning the streets, recycling materials for other projects in the community and learned more about the importance of caring for what we have." - Darwin, Project Participant

"I learned more about the importance of protecting our environment, how to recycle materials and how to best care for our community. Working in a group with Conor and Rafa, we were able to make a small difference in the community, be an example to my fellow students and younger students like my brother, Juan. I wish we were able to work more with the elementary school students but we had a lot of challenges as a group and were not able to organize ourselves well enough. It is really beautiful to work in this group and great to see the streets clean and for the community to see how we are taking care of the community." - Yarenny, Project Participant

"During my time with the committee, I was able to work with Conor and Rafa as the president of the committee. I learned how to help to lead a committee, how to manage funds and the money of the committee and how to make decisions as a group. I feel bad because I was not able to motivate my partners in the group and I cannot continue with the project but hopefully one day I can offer my help to the next group of people that want to continue the project." - Anthony, Project Participant

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