Chikapa training center

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,992.75

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Sylvester Chabuka, a FlameTree alumni, in collaboration with Clean Heat Solutions will facilitate the construction of a skills training centre in Chikapa Village in Traditional Authority Symon of Neno District. This is a scale up of the previous International Grants Competition project that trained twelve participants in tailoring, seven in welding and twenty in briquettes making.  While the previous project was implemented in a rented space, the new project will ensure the community organization sustains its tailoring, computer and ICT, welding (theory) and other skills programs in the area assuring the youth of life changing skills.

Project Update: 12-31-21

Using 60% of the  $4,992.75 World Connect grant,  Clean Heat Solutions has completed constructing its  10 by 6-meter training centre structure up to window level.  The project follows the successful implementation of a training project where 39 youth were trained in tailoring and welding. The building will help expand the welding and tailoring training offered by Clean Heat Solutions to reduce youth unemployment in the area. With roofing, plastering, and flooring remaining, the construction is expected to be complete by the end of January 2022.