COVID-19: Telehealth in Bamenda

Year: 2020
Country: Cameroon
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $10,000.00

Project Launch: 5-27-20

With over 1,400 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Cameroon, the government has instituted a partial lockdown. Businesses are required to uphold a curfew and community members are fined for not wearing masks in public. The fines, which make up 6-12X the daily income of Cameroonians living below the poverty line, have incited even more fear throughout communities. Unite for Health’s microclinics have since seen a huge decline in patients seeking antenatal care, birthing care, vaccinations, and treatment for illnesses, such as malaria. With this World Connect grant, Unite for Health will establish a 3-month telehealth program from their microclinic based in Bamenda. This will launch with a community awareness campaign for the new health services available to them. Patients will be advised depending on their symptoms whether to see a medical professional in person. Unite for Health’s Bamenda microclinic will also provide free prenatal and antenatal services, free general public healthcare, treatment for all community members, and free birthing services for internally displaced women.