St. Bernard Academy - School Fundraiser

Fall 2013-Spring 2014
St. Bernard Academy - School Fundraiser
St. Bernard Academy (SBA) is a small Catholic school in Nashville. They were the first school to support Kids Connect in Tennessee, starting at the end of 2013. An 8th grade Spanish classroom pioneered the program and chose to support the Healthy Homes and Improved Cookstoves projects in Peru. This project installed 35 new cookstoves into families homes and educational institutions that were specifically designed for Peruvian communities, as well as reconstructed 34 old cookstoves. These new and refurbished cookstoves included a hand washing station and improved kitchen storage to help reduce the spread of bacteria. The project also conducted programs to help people learn about health and nutrition.

In December of 2013, SBA held an out of uniform day; later in the spring of 2014, they hosted a bake sale, both of which were extremely successful! In the end, SBA raised around $459 for the cause.

SBA plans to continue their involvement with Kids Connect this coming year in both their 7th and 8th grade Spanish classrooms.

- Lizzy

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