Holton Arms School

Holton Arms School

Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Type: Independent Girls' College-preparatory School, 3-12
Fun Fact: Holton-Arms' motto is: Inveniam viam aut faciam or "I will find a way or make one."

Holton-Arms boasts an impressive Global Education Program that incorporates global perspectives into the curriculum. Students who choose to complete the specialized Global Education Program participate in in-depth coursework, four years of language study, a global journey, and a senior capstone project. For her senior capstone project, a student at Holton volunteered as a World Connect Ambassador, championing World Connect at her school and at others in her area. She chose several World Connect projects to learn about and even attended World Connect's Annual Benefit Dinner in March!

"World Connect has made me feel as though I can make a positive difference in the world. I loved seeing all of the different projects World Connect has done all around the world. I really felt like I was helping to do something to make a difference because I can see the change that World Connect is making in the world." – Victoria, Student

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