Bay View Academy Valentine's Day Bake Sale

Bay View Academy Valentine's Day Bake Sale
Valentine's Day at an all-girls school is a strange thing. There are no flowers, chocolates or love notes left in lockers or handed out between classes; however, that does not mean that the Kids Connect Club at Bayview Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, could not take advantage of the "holiday." The club and the school celebrated with a Valentine's Day Bake Sale and it was a huge success. Valentine's Day is the sweetest and best time of year to treat oneself.


The bake sale was held on February 13-14, 2013 and was a collaborative effort between all of the club members -- each member made at least two items for the bake sale. We put teamwork to the test as we tried to make sure that we never ran out of treats to sell. The members of the Kids Connect club also showed their support by encouraging their friends to approach the tables at lunch to buy a treat. They did an amazing job of leading by example and buying some of their own items themselves.


Bay View Academy has three lunches a day. There is a lunch for the middle school, underclassmen and finally upperclassmen. On both days, the bake sale took place throughout all three lunches. The club raised $250 within the two days and everyone loved the food and the Valentine's Day theme. We had a lot of fun and support from our school community. The Bay View Kids Connect Club hopes to continue with more bake sales in the future.


- Lauren

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