Bay View Academy (RI) - Candy Gram Fundraiser, 2012

The candy gram fundraiser that the Bay View Kids to Kids Club held in 2010 went really well and everyone loved receiving candy from their friends, so we thought that we would try the fundraiser again in 2012. But the club wanted to be sure to learn from our first experience and find ways to improve on the original fundraiser.


We decided that instead of passing out message squares to homerooms, like we did in 2010, we would setup a table at lunch and have a pile of message squares ready and available so kids could fill out as many as they wanted. This allowed us to better keep track of the message squares and the overall candygram fundraiser.


To inspire kids to start filling out the message squares at lunch, we passed out sample message squares to homerooms with cute, personalized messages on them. Again, we held the fundraiser for one week and sold the candygrams for one dollar. I was very fortunate that my mom and dad were willing to donate the candy and the supplies this year! Otherwise, we would have had to build out a budget for the fundraiser. Overall, the 2012 Bay View Academy Candy Gram fundraiser was a great success and a lot of fun. Candy grams have to be my favorite fundraising method of all time!


- Lizzie

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