Bay View Academy Coffee House Fundraiser

Bay View Academy Coffee House Fundraiser
Coffee House is a great way for kids with particular talents, such as dancing, singing or paying an instrument, to perform in front of a large group of people. Coffee House is run by the Mercy Action Club on campus; however, the Bay View Kids Connect Chapter partnered with Mercy Action to help raise money for the club at coffee house.


Coffee House takes place in the dining room of Bay View Academy twice a year, usually on a Thursday or Friday night. The tech crew turns the dining room into a quaint "coffee house" complete with a stage, lights and a soundboard. The Mercy Action Club charges an admission for the event. I attended a couple of the coffee houses and noticed that there was nothing going on during intermission. I asked the president of mercy action if I could hold a collection for the Kids Connect Chapter during intermission and the president of the Mercy Action club agreed. All I had to do was go up on stage, introduce myself and talk about the club a little bit and while I talked, several Kids Connect members passed around baskets for a collection.


The Kids Connect chapter always does really well with the coffee house collections. Just this past school year, the club was able to collect $100 for Kids Connect. We are very proud of our work and are sure that the club will be able to continue with coffee house collections in the future.


- Lauren

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