COVID-19: Pamtondo Fight Against Coronavirus

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $743.32

Project Launch: 4-22-20

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, At-The-Mortar will lead efforts to prevent the spread of the virus by installing of handwashing facilities in 11 public places including at the entrances of two trading centers through May and June. Apart from installing the handwashing stations, the grant will facilitate procurement of chroline and soap to enhance safety to be distributed alongside COVID-19 prevention information. A total of 5,390 people from three villages are expected to benefit.

Project Update: 6-19-20

The community organization has strategically installed 11 handwashing stations at the entrances of two high-traffic trading centers. The grant allowed the organization to procure the buckets, stands, soap, and cleaning agents to make this possible. On market days, over 3,500 people patronize the trading centers. The handwashing stations allow patrons and vendors to wash their hands upon entering and leaving the market, thus reducing the spread of COVID-19 as people conduct their necessary business. 

George Kamtola, a 47 years old businessman acknowledged the timely project and said, “As a business person, I transact with multiple clients every day. This project will help us business people in reducing the contraction of the Coronavirus.”

Final Report: 7-22-20

The $743.32 COVID-19 prevention project implemented by At-The-Mortar (Pamtondo) has benefitted over 11,242 people in Thyolo district Malawi. Using hand washing stations placed in two trading centers and maize mills, the people are demonstrating knowledge of COVID-19 prevention by washing their hands each time they go in and out of these spaces. Over 356 individuals from surrounding communities adopted the plan as they mounted their own hand washing stations in their houses. The impact of the project is seen as two cases have been reported in the area as compared to surrounding centers that have registered more cases and even one death. To ensure sustainability, the community members have formed a committee responsible for security of the hand washing stations, refilling of water, and buying of additional soap and chlorine for all installed stations.

Luckier Chikopa, Established Field Partner, had this to say in line with the project, “This is the first grant for my organization. I am so happy that World Connect believed in me, my team and our community. This has improved my self-confidence as a young woman founder and leader. My skills have been enhanced. Above all, we have had the community protected from COVID-19."

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