Thoughtful Food

Year: 2018
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $5,514.49

Project Launch:

To combat climate change and increase food security and food production, Ilocos Norte Agricultural College (INAC), in collaboration with Global Seed Savers, will select 150 community members to undergo trainings on proper seed saving practices, farmer capacity building, permaculture design, culinary practice and the importance of nutrition. The trainings will take place over the course of a year and will culminate with training on disaster risk management, which is particularly pertinent given the recent damage wrought by Typhoon Ompong to communities across the country. The target participants are small-holder farmers, agriculture teachers, parent-farmers, students and any other individuals from Pasuquin interested in becoming better adapted to climate change in regards to food production.
Upon completion of the training program, the participants will be able to replicate the trainings for the benefit of additional community members for years to come. To augment the school's research & organic farming capabilities, and to improve access to proper nutrition, a community led seed library & aquaponics system will also be constructed. Aquaponics, a farming method that marries soil-less culture and aquaculture under a single system, will be used to grow a wider variety of nutritious produce and to raise fish for consumption.

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