The B.B.F. Project (Building A Better Future through a good water system)

Year: 2023
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Unfunded
Impact Sector: Health
Investment Needed: $5,515.92
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Project Launch: 9-9-23

This project seeks to construct a community tap water system that will help provide accessible and clean water to over 6,000 residents of Ehiamankyene community and five other nearby communities namely Chorkosi, Mamata, Nkatekwan Newtown and Asikafo Ammantem. The project seeks to  improve residents' quality of life by providing safe drinking water and promoting hygiene that will help reduce risks of waterborne diseases in the area. The project activities include drilling an electric powered borehole that will supply water into a 10,000 liters storage tank, that will be reticulated into six taps for communal use. The established central tap water system will help reduce the distance  that women and girls walk to fetch water hence the energy and time will be redirected to other productive activities.

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