Supporting Exit Strategies for Exploited Young Women

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $730.90

Project Launch: 10-22-19

People Saving Girls at Risk (PSGR) and the Nkhombe Community Based Organization will establish a tailoring and knitting project targeting 10 girls who were either rescued from sex trafficking or are withdrawn from early marriages. The six months training will equip the girls with skills to sew sweaters, skirts, blouses, uniforms, and jerseys to be sold in their community and surrounding villages. Working in groups, the participants will use the skills to generate income for sustaining their households and establishing new beginnings. 

Project Update: 3-31-20

In partnership with Nkhombe Community Based Organization, People Saving Girls at Risk has established a community skills development program aimed at economically empowering young women who are survivors of abuse. Ten women are being trained using the two tailoring machines procured with this grant. The women are now sewing basic items like dresses and shirts. To enhance the impact, People Serving Girls At Risk is also training participants on self esteem and financial management. Additionally, the girls are being trained as anti-gender based violence agents to become activists in their community. This project is expected to reduce girls' reliance on prostitution to generate income. 

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