Rihane Screann-Printers & Fashion Designers

Year: 2010
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $499.83

Project Launch:

Rihane was founded as a neighborhood learning center in Morocco to support girls who are illiterate or who have had little schooling. The center offers free educational classes and craft skills classes (sewing, cooking, crochet and embroidery) to its more than 50 members - empowering young women to develop skills and be more independent. Two girls at the center took a particular interest in the practice of screen-printing. With World Connect’s support, these two girls led a weeklong introductory screen-printing course for girls at the center. They were able to purchase the t-shirts and fabric necessary for all participants to create t-shirts and jellabas (a traditional, hooded robe worn in Morocco). The workshop concluded with a fashion show, where each girl was presented with a photograph of herself wearing her finished work. The group is also learning valuable small business skills by selling their items to local community members, generating revenue to keep the project going.

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