Recycling Education for Kids in Monterrey de San Carlos, Costa Rica

Year: 2016
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $749.70

Project Launch: 3-15-17

Recycling and care for the environment have became important priorities for rural Costa Ricans in Monterrey. Without steady access to municipal refuse services or other collection mechanisms, waste and litter have accumulated in local environments at an unchecked pace. This project seeks to establish a local recycling depository to reduce the deposit of recyclable waste on village grounds.

Project Update: 8-15-17

The Monterrey Recycling Committee acquired access to a larger recycling center. Over the past year, the local government has slowly renovated the old police station to accommodate the growing recycling operation. The move to the new facility in late May has greatly enhanced the efficiency and overall work environment of the center. Each projct participant now has their own space to pack cardboard, paper, or plastic, and fact that the space is so much bigger increases the recycling capacity each month. The new center also serves as the committee's new home base for storing the recycling bins purchased with the World Connect grant.

Final Report: 12-12-17

The recycling center has seen an influx of visitors, including parents who remark that their children have started sustainable recycling practices at home after receiving educational training from the committee. A new small roof will protect recycling dropped off by the public outside of open hours and increase the amount of material that can be recycled each month.

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