Reading Corner

Year: 2011
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $497.36

Project Launch:

Campo Dos y Medio is a small community located in rural Costa Rica. The town is comprised of 155 people with about 40% children and youth. Because of its small size, there are no pre-school or kindergarten programs in Campo Dos y Medio and many children enter first grade at age seven, not knowing how to read and with no exposure to books. Those attending elementary school receive very little exposure to books, as learning is done through photocopied worksheets. With support from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program, books were purchased to start a library in the newly renovated community center and administered by the Comité Tutelar de Menores de Campo Dos y Medio, a committee that promotes the rights of children and youth in the community. The library provides a variety of activities, not only through individual reading, but also through story hours and book clubs. The library also expanded educational opportunities available throughout the community, not only for youth. Access to books, as well as reading programs, improves the educational opportunities for the entire community.

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