Readers‘ Clubhouse

Year: 2010
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $499.86

Project Launch:

Lacking a library, the students at Barrio Canadá School proved their thirst for reading and for a learning space by collecting six times the amount books than their school goal during a book fair in celebration of National Book Day. With hope and a lot of group participation, the idea of the "Readers' Clubhouse" was born. The "Readers' Clubhouse", located in the school, is a space for children's imagination, discovery, and idea sharing. "Readers' Club" members care for, organize, and look after the "Readers' Clubhouse" to ensure youth participation and sustainability. Through student directed meetings, decisions are made regarding the maintenance, promotion, and decoration of the new library. Using paints, posters, and markers, it is up to the students to create a fun, comfortable atmosphere that is inviting for the rest of the school. Readers' Club members also read and share what they are reading through discussions, art project, puppet shows, and skits. Club members have the chance to share and encourage children who are too young to read as well through story-time and library games. Kids benefit from this project through opportunities to practice leadership skills, sound decision-making, and increased exposure to academic and recreational activities. The library was painted by the students and filled with murals, books, dictionaries, colored paper, markers, glue and crayons, all to be used and enjoyed by the children. The students also buried a time capsule to commemorate the project, they were so proud of it. The library is now a huge part of the school and community and is thought of with great pride by all. The number of kids impacted by this new library will continue to grow from the enthusiasm that the currently involved kids display; younger siblings and peers are seeing the joy and excitement that comes from the library and are eager to participate too.

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