Musical Instrument Resource Development Project: Costa Rica Academy of Music

Year: 2014
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.25

Project Launch:

In 2011, the Costa Rica Academy of Music (CRA) first opened their doors. The central goal of CRA is to develop, support and promote musical talent of youth within the region by providing guitar and music theory lessons. Since its opening, CRA has provided youth an important outlet for creativity and artistic expression. Currently, CRA teaches 15 youth and has limited instruments, including only one guitar. This project will provide CRA with new instruments in order to increase their resources and enroll more youth. Classical guitars will be purchased from a local guitar builder within the community. By having more instruments, the CRA can form student bands, allowing the youth to collaborate and perform together, empowering them as both musicians and young leaders.


Project Update

With the provision of new instruments, the CRA has been teaching guitar to numerous youth throughout the Guanacaste region. Hiring an additional part time teacher has increased the academy's capacity to provide more focused individualized attention to  students during their lessons and to accomodate the influx of new students who have joined the after school program. Over the school year, CRA held numerous concerts and promotional events to showcase students' achievements, which has helped grow CRA's reputation as a respected music institution throughout the community.



"The music lessons have given my son and daughter a chance to have a positive activity that they can do after school and they are very curious and interested to learn about guitar and it is pleasurable to hear them play." - Project Participant


"My son is very happy to learn guitar and I can see his improvement on a weekly basis..he is learning more songs and culture of Guanacaste folk songs." - Project Participant