Mothers' Preschool

Year: 2012
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,075.00

Project Launch:

The Association Tifaout in Touama, a rural Berber community located along the north slope of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco will conduct a major pre-school revitalization project that will impact the education of more than 250 current students and thousands for years to come. The project will make infrastructure improvements to the current school, building imaginative learning spaces and developing the school as a model for other pre-schools in the region. The project will also lead to the establishment of a mothers' committee to strengthen the role of mothers and empower them to become more active in their children's education and health.



"Before this project, the playground was unsafe, there were only two bathrooms with no running water for 249 students, the mothers and preschool teacher were strangers, mothers had no knowledge of child health or development, the association had no experience planning a project that involved community beyond their members and little experience with sustainable project planning, the teacher had few teaching materials and no toys to help engage preschool children, the community was uninvolved and distrustful of community development project, and youth from the high school had few opportunities to get involved in community development. Furthermore, the community did not fully understand what Peace Corps was doing in Touama. After World Connect, this all changed." - Jenifer, Peace Corps Volunteer
"Improving the square has made the kids want to go outside and understand break; Educational materials we didn't have has helped teach; women have benefitted from the health and have learned how to motivate women; women are now talking to each other and are now visiting each other; children love toys made by their mothers more than the new toys; They insist now on washing their hands before snack." - Nadia, Project Beneficiary
"I never had the chance to manage a project or work with Americans. I now have experience and know how to talk & organize people. It is good to see how different people work and do things." - Kamal, Project Beneficiary

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