Mirrors for Dance

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $354.80

Project Launch: 1-26-16

Grupo Folklorico Fila Tigre is a youth dance group that performs traditional Costa Rican dances at various festivals, parades and events throughout the region. With this project, they are proposing to install mirrors in their dance studio, allowing the group to have a more professional and productive practice space. The dance studio will also be equipped to offer a variety of new classes, such as aerobics and modern dance.

Progress Update: 9/12/2016

The new mirrors were installed in the dance studio. This has allowed Grupo Folklorico Fila Tigre to intensity its training, perhaps one factor among others in their recent local win at the community dance competition! A women's Zumba class is also making use of the new mirrors which increase student accuracy in repeating their dance instructor's movements.

Final Report: 3/3/2017

The installation of the mirrors have allowed expanded utilization of the dance studio year-round for exercise and dance groups.


"This project has greatly impacted the lives of the children in the community, especially the young girls who are so passionate about the dance group. Watching their confidence soar and their faces beam as they perform has been an incredible reward." - Nicola, Peace Corps Volunteer

"This project has allowed us to improve our technique as a group and the group is composed of all children. It's been an incredible experience to see them grow with regards to their technical skills as well as in the way they treat one another." - Adriana, Project Leader

"Dancing is something I love to do because it's a part of my culture. It's fun to compete and go to new places." - Yailiana, Project Participant

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