Medical Waste Incinerator at Mpamba Health Center

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $740.00

Project Launch: 4-22-20

With this $740 World Connect grant, the Extra Mile Development Foundation will build a medical waste incinerator at Mpamba Health Centre to reduce various health and environmental risks. At present, hazardous medical waste is disposed of in a shallow earth dug pit. The incinerator will decompose waste such as soiled swabs and bandages, syringes, needles, blades, infusion sets, broken glass, and other sharp items that could cause direct injury to staff and community members. The incinerator will provide complete destruction and neutralization of the medical waste, thereby enhancing community safety and environmental conservation.

Final Report:

Using the $740 grant from World Connect, Extra Mile Development Foundation has completed the construction of a 2 meters deep incinerator at Mpamba Health Center in Nkhatabay, Malawi. The incinerator is the first of its kind at the clinic that was built in 1982 ending the long standing medical waste disposal problem. The coming of this incinerator will eliminate exposure to hazardous waste by children, reduce the number of injuries among children who play around the health center, and enhance hygiene and sanitation at the clinic. Already in use for burning all medical waste, the incinerator will benefit over 10,000 people who are part of the community and are served by the clinic.