Lycee El Fath Environment Club's School Garden

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $499.00

Project Launch:

An environment club meets twice a week at the high school in the village of El Fath. There, students discuss and learn about local and global environmental issues. In addition, they work together to clean up the environment of their community and school. The students also work together to prepare skits, sketches, and speeches to perform for their fellow classmates, educating them on local and global environmental issues faced in our world today. This project will lead to the creation of a garden operated by the environment club. The garden will allow students to do hands-on learning, managing composting, planting, and harvesting.


Project Update:

The students learned a great deal about the environment and agriculture, as well as recycling, waste reduction, water preservation, environmental preservation, compost, soil quality, companion planting and waste management. In addition, the project led to an improvement in many students’ communication, negotiation, presentation and organization skills. The Environment Club celebrated Soil Day and Earth Day, and held presentations for other students at the school, which allowed them to work on their public speaking. In addition, at the end of the school year, the Club held a party to celebrate everything they learned and accomplished.



“From the garden project, I learned how to plant things and why compost is necessary for the plants. I think the materials we bought will be helpful because before, the school didn’t have much. Also, we [the club members] didn’t know how to make a budget and buy things with it. Now, we have done it. Being in a club is good because it changes our routine of classes and studying at school.” – Environment Club President
“The club was great. This is the first year I have studied in this school. I liked the presentations we did. They were interesting and never boring. The garden is nice. This is the first time I did anything with compost. I liked it, I have never seen that before. I liked the relationships and ambiance with my friends in the club. I have learned many new ideas, like how to compost. This is the first club I’ve been in. It helped me learn how the organization of a club works. It taught me how to speak in front of others. Before, I was very shy and would be scared and cry. But now, I’m not shy any more. When I give presentations, I won’t be shy. I can get up in front of others and speak normally. The things I have learned in the club give me the chance for a good life.” – Environment Club Member