Youth Environmental Camp

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $603.25

Project Launch: 11-11-15

Los Terreros is a small, rural community of 400 residents. Because the community lacks regular garbage collection, residents often litter or burn their trash. Additionally, the area is becoming more arid as the rivers are drying up. This project will implement a week-long environmental camp for 20 youth to raise awareness of the community's environmental challenges and solutions. The camp will take place during summer vacation and focus on recycling, air pollutants, water conservation and climate change. The day after the camp is finished, the youth will present their experiences to their families and community members. Following the presentations, there will be a community-wide cleanup event. The camp will empower youth to work together to spread awareness and alleviate environmental issues in their community.

Project Update: 2-8-16

15 youth participated in the week-long camp where they engaged in various activities and lessons focused on recycling, water conservation, air contamination and climate change. Through experiments and group discussions, the youth learned about local environmental challenges and particular solutions, such as recycling and not burning trash. At the end of the camp, the youth held a community clean up day where over 20 community members collected trash in communal areas around town. The youth are very enthusiastic and passionate about conserving their environment and as a result of the camp, were inspired to clean the town's public cement square, which was once a basketball court before it was inundated with leaves and yard waste. During their school vacation, a few students painted an environmental mural at a community bus stop in order to raise awareness about environmental stewardship. In the upcoming school year, the local school is expected to build a recycling center and hold at least one environmental day to teach students about proper waste management. This initiative fits in perfectly with the exciting news that Los Terreros will implement a regular garbage collection service as part of their 5-year environmental plan.

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