Kawiruwiru Community Secondary School Classroom Block Completion

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $9,230.67
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 12-23-20

Kawiruwiru community members seek to improve access to education by establishing a secondary school in the area. The closest secondary school is 20km away, which has led to school dropouts as students don't walk the long distance especially during adverse weather conditions. In 2018, the community commenced the construction of a school block to accommodate 100 students, however they did not have adequate resources to complete the project. With $9,230.67 in grant funds, the community will purchase iron sheets, timber, cement, steel windows, glasses and other small materials to ensure the school block is completed. Through this project, students will have greater access to a conducive learning environment which will improve attendance. Additionally, without the long distance to walk, students will have more energy and time to focus on their studies thereby improving their academic performance. 

Project Update: 7-29-21

Youth Action for Sustainable Community Development in partnership with Kawiruwiru Community Day Secondary School Development Committee has completed 75% of the planned work towards completion of the first ever classroom block in their area. Among the activities completed included construction of walls from ring bean to the top, developed roofing structure and beam filling, roofing and fitting all window and door frames. Additionally, thirty-five two seater desks have been purchased. The project is expected to be completed by October 2021 with plastering, flooring, grazing and development of drainage systems.  The project is a big step towards opening of the much awaited secondary school in the area which will start with 100 students. “We have struggled to find support for this project for over three years. To see this change within months is commendable. Thank you World Connect for trusting in our vision and dream.” Alfred Mfuni- Local Leader.

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