Goat Farming in the Nyabimuri Community

Year: 2020
Country: Rwanda
Project Investment: $2,558.42
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 1-6-21

A community organization called Abishyizehamwe, which means “The united”, is proposing a goat farming project in Nyabimuri village, Kayonza District, Rwanda. The community came together and identified the following as needs they wanted to address: lack of fertile soil, lack of sources of manure production, low harvest yields, malnutrition and lack of income-generating activities to support agriculture. They decided that goat farming will help them to address each of these community priorities. They plan to provide goats to 58 members of the community who are in critical need of support. The goat kids will be distributed to others in the community to impact more households’ agricultural yields and income.

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