Make Our Garden Grow: Vegetable Cultivation for Healthy Families

Year: 2014
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $497.72

Project Launch:

For the past three years, the local Women’s Group in Las Nubes has been the only group to grow and sell vegetables in the community. In 2011, they constructed a large greenhouse, allowing them to cultivate vegetables in a controlled environment. The women were highly motivated and enrolled in courses focused on organic fertilizer production, soil management, and vegetable cultivation. Equipped with this knowledge, their vegetables thrived. In February 2014, an extreme rain and windstorm knocked down the greenhouse, halting their vegetable business.


This project will lead to the construction of individual greenhouses at each of the women’s homes. They will grow lettuce, mustard leaf, cucumber, pepper, cilantro, chives, string beans, and radishes. On a weekly basis, a rotating group of five women will convene in a central location and sell their vegetables, helping to increase access to healthy food in their community. The women will also create and initiate a marketing campaign by distributing flyers around Las Nubes and surrounding communities.


Project Update

The women's group was very focused and motivated and successfully constructed their nine individual greenhouses. Through a series of local fundraising events, the women raised enough money to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and materials to build fences. They planted lettuce, celery, beets, chives and cilantro, and already sold their first harvest. A portion of the harvest was used for the women's personal and family consumption, which is another success, as vegetables are not regularly consumed in the town of Las Nubes. The women are also pursuing other income generating activities, such as repairing roads in town, to generate more money to reinvest back into their greenhouses. The women are in the process of creating a weekly vegetable market in town, and are also in contact with local businesses to sell their produce at storefronts.



"This is something we've wanted for a long time, and now we're moving forward with it. The plants are beautiful and we have something to contribute to the community." - Giselle, Project Leader


"The greenhouses are just the beginning. We are going to grow this project and make it even bigger." - Ana, Project Participant